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Calvins EU Game Master Application

1) Steam Name: Calvin

2) Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:89441122

3) In game name: Acolyte Graham

4) Are you EU or NA based? (If other then specify): EU/GMT

5) Why do you want to be an Game Master: I Wanna Start Getting Active Events Back On The Server And Hopefully Get Are Player Numbers Back Up To Scratch. As you may have seen numbers have been declining and I like this server and do what to help it out and I think I can help it best not as staff but as a GM

6) Why should we choose you as an Game Master: I Have Good Ideas For Events Like Using The Weather More To Help Immersion And I Feel I Can Help Bring That To The Community. Due to events are happening as often especially things that are little like maybe changing the weather on the map to suit a climate and maybe seen as there is a hive on the map maybe there is an outbreak somewhere on the map and some squads might have to go out and patrol to find and deal with the outbreak. It's these little things tied in with the big events that keep people excited and interested in the server and want them wanting more

7) Any members of staff that would support your application(Will need staff response to validate the claim that they will support you): Im Unsure To Be Honest I Havn't Asked About But I Feel Some Will

8) Have you been a Game Master before? (If yes, with who): Yes But For The Life Off My I Can't Remember

Accepted - No longer wanted due to taking on primus leadership
~ Outbreak - Head Game Master

Am I missing where the updated Master Game List is? The one at the top of the Forum hasnt been updated since 2015.

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